Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Animal Homes – Early Readers pdf

 Animal Homes – Early Readers pdf

storyberries for kids generally feature simple  learner . Technics with pictures and children's short stories with morals. This children's stories pdf has two moral .

This book is a creative commons book from Mustard Seed books, available in English and Spanish.

Excerpt From  stories  Animal Homes – Early Readers pdf :
 Animal Homes – Early Readers pdf

People live in houses and apartments. Where do animals live?
ere do animals live? Foxes live in holes in the ground that help them hide and keep warm.  
Bats live in caves. They sleep in the day hanging upside down. 
Bees live in hives. 50,000 bees can live in one hive.
Birds live in nests so they can take care of their babies
Spiders live on webs. The webs are sticky and help spiders catch insects for food.  

Elias in the Village of Uncle Euro

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